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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sandra Boynton free song download

For Christmas, The Golden Pig got the Personal Penguin book by Sandra Boynton. She has a website where you can download the song sung by Davie Jones.
The song is really cute. There is another free song on the website too. I added her CD's to our Amazon wishlist because the previews of the songs are also cute and funny.

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Haircut

Daddy went first.

His little curls are all gone. I saved a few.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


1. I need a new book to read in the bathroom. Re-read Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side ad nauseum. Ditto John Stewart's book. The Japanese Art book is so guests think we are cultured poopers.

2. Just finished watching Tin Man last night. Enjoyed it.

3. Awaiting She&Him CD on back order.... hurry up and get here

4. still on a Zooey Deschanel kick

5. need to... upload photos, fold laundry, exercise, water the plants, wash baby's new clothes, make bibs and burps, more

6. instead I play scramble on facebook and apparently really suck at it

7. I love it when hubby lets me sleep in. I get up and the coffee is already made. But then i get jealous because he has a head start on the pot and I'm all, damn I gotta make another pot if I want more. And then I'm all, damn I am so lazy.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Out of Heart Block and other tidbits

1. Just did Henry the Fifth's telemetry pacemaker check. The very preliminary result is that the pacemaker is just reading his heartbeat and not having to fire. This indicates he is out of heart block. The big official news will happen in June at our in-person electrophysiology appointment in June.

2. *Somebody* keeps farting so potent-ly that I keep checking his diaper for poops, but no poops. What up dude?

3. Henry the Fifth can now climb up and down the stairs. With supervision y'all.

4. Questionable vocabulary? Definitely has Dada down. Maybe Mama, No, Yes, Yeah.

5. Can definitely sign 'Finished.' At first he would grab our hands and make us sign it the way we were teaching him, but this week he started signing it on his own!

6. Decided he is willing to eat Gerber Cheesy Poof thingies, goldfish crackers, pieces of chicken tenders (Tyson white meat strips, YUM!), french fries, & tots. Yay, our kid likes junk food.

7. Incidentally/ accidentally discovered he is not allergic to peanuts. We did this by discovering that he loves the fries from 5 Guys. The next day it occurred to me that 5 Guys cooks in peanut oil. Oops. The GI doc said not to give him any more peanut stuff as early introduction can actually cause an allergy. And, he said that if the parent(s) have ANY allergy at all (such as my allergy to penicillin) he shouldn't have peanuts until age three. Sorry dude, you just have to wait for the awesomeness of the peanut butter/chocolate combo.

8. I will eventually post on the holidays - Turkey, Christmas, New Year. Here's a preview... I only gained 5 pounds. :) Hubby said to look at it in a positive light. It could be worse. Oprah gained 40.