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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ballistic Tofu

Ballistic Tofu, originally uploaded by roenke47.

I forgot to bring his homemade chicken and turkey cubes to Grandma's house. But i brought tofu to try out. I mushed a piece up into his veggies. He ate it up!! He squished a piece when he started laughing and it shot out of his hand.

He has been eating really well. The GI doc said it would take about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks, so this is right on time. It's either the Prilosec or the baby showing off for the grandparents. I swear he has already gained some weight!

Friday, July 25, 2008

CopyCat (me)

I borrowed the idea for monthly photos in my sidebar from good friend Julie. Her blog is private, so no link here.

Upper GI test

Baby Henry had an Upper GI test on Friday. He had to be NPO (nothing by mouth) from 2am that morning. Then he was strapped into the X-ray machine. While in the machine I fed him a bottle of Barium. He was so hungry from not eating that he drank the Barium down. The X-ray takes a video of the barium as it traveled down to his tummy and into his upper intestine.
No immediate problems were found. We will get final results later.

The X-ray showed Henry's pacemaker which is right over his stomach. The big white blob next to it is his stomach full of barium.

He had barium all over his face afterward.

Daddy soothes baby Henry while he is strapped to
the X-ray machine.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Baby Henry is having trouble with his eating. Anecdotally, feeding and reflux / GERD problems are common in kids with heart surgeries. Depending on the cardiologist you talk to they may agree or disagree with this, but our GI specialist definitely finds this to be true. Baby Henry did not grow well from 6 to 9 months due to decreased appetite and gagging and vomiting at meals and even with breastfeeding. Fortunately his PCM Dr. Buryk got him started on Prilosec which the Dr. Kobak our GI specialist increased. The Prilosec has made a big difference in the throwing up when he is upset and has helped his other GERD symptoms. Unfortunately the gagging on certain food textures will take some intensive OT to overcome. The worry is that he will develop a full-on oral aversion.

Right now the kid is definitely NOT oral-averse. Everything goes in his mouth. He just refuses most food from a spoon and eats tiny tiny meals. He does love his Cheerios, so he gets those after each meal in hopes that the self feeding will continue to be enjoyable for him.

I made a hand bound feeding journal to follow his eating and nursing patterns.

It will be another week until we know if the Prilosec is really working to its full potential. OT starts the second week in August. I can't wait to meet our OT!!

In the meantime I will be thankful that we will get a little more use out of his 6-9 month clothes. (but I already shopped the TEA sale for 12-18's in prep for when he gains weight this fall!)

Ambajam contest

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008