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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wet and Wild

My SIL gave Henry a water table for his first birthday. I hadn't even thought of it. Of course, a seasoned mommy would know what to get for a kiddo's 1st birthday.
Henry was playing with it inside until the other day. I took him out with a blanket to play inthe yard while I washed some selves off to bring in (to store my expanding sewing collection). Naturally, Henry didn't want to stay on his blanket, so he came over to the big puddle by me and got soaked.
When in Rome.... Since he was already soaked, I brought out the water table and filled it. He had a BLAST. He was hollering and laughing and splashing like crazy. Luckily it is mild enough here that he could play a while without getting too cold.
After playing his butt off in the water, he took off down the driveway. I followed, and he he ended up circumnavigating the entire house!! His poor little leg warmers are shot now.

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