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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goodwill Treasures

Hooray for $1.29 Mondays at Goodwill. I have been going there in search of pants to convert to maternity. This week I found some other goodies too! I still feel a little guilty about spending money, but I love what I got.

My best treasure is this fantastic polyester shirt for after the baby comes (and maybe some extra weight loss.) I love it! I never find awesome vintage stuff there, so I was totally psyched to get this!
I made the mistake of browsing the dishware section which was ripe with vintage pyrex finds. I am using more vintage pyrex and corningware for heating things in the microwave because they are made of tempered glass and do not leach toxins into the food. Vintage corningware can also be used on the stove top, unlike their newer versions.

Un-needed awesome tin and vintage pyrex bowl. They don't quite go with my kitchen colors- hence the bit of guilt. (I didn't spend much, and they are soo cute!

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