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Saturday, August 30, 2008

11 Months Old

Yesterday was Baby Henry's 11 months birthday. We had an Occupational and Speech Therapy evaluation on the 28th to see if Henry qualified for the sate program. They found that he is at 14 months for his problem solving, on time for mobility and gross motor function and on the verge of falling behind for fine motor skills. This is because he is weak in his chest and shoulder girdle as a result of open heart surgery. He is not 25% delayed, so he didn't qualify, but we are already on OT for feeding with CHKD.
The therapists who came for the state eval were great and gave lots of ideas to keep Henry on time or ahead of the curve. recommended some toys he needs. So, naturally, I had to go shopping.
I got him Toddler crayons to be used with a parent (because they went straight into his mouth., blocks, and a shape sorter cube. We have other stuff on his wishlist.
I was going to buy a ball to use for shoulder rehab (like adults use an exercise ball), but I realized today I can just use my water polo ball. Early exposure to the sport is important.

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