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Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't you want to see the kangaroos little man?

I took the little man to get his passport photos today. We are thinking of going to Australia in conjunction with one of Daddy's business trips.
When I called the Post Office to see if they would do the photos, the person hemmed and hawed about how it is really difficult for them to photograph babies. "Call JC Penny."
I called JC Penny. "Sorry, our lights are not right for passport photos, so they won't be acceptable."
Time to get out the phone book. Kinkos takes photos. Awesome. I call and the guy laughed when I asked about baby photos. He said it is difficult, but they could make it work.

Naturally, I brought his super cute vintage style outfit for the photo. Yes- my little guy got down to his unmentionables in the middle of Kinkos. Keesha, our Photographer, laughed that he was going to be trouble when she saw him whoopin' it up crawling around the store.

They hung a piece of poster paper as a backdrop and we set Baby H in front of it.

He was having none of it. Poor little man.
So, I plied him with Gerber Puffs. And wala! A perfect Passport photo.
Thank You Keesha!

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