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Monday, February 20, 2006

Flat Stanley (orginally written Feb '06)

My cousin's son Josh sent me a Flat Stanley when I first got to Hawaii. I didn't have any friends there,and Stanley was my first visitor, so he got me out of the house and touring the island.

We went in the ocean.

We saw the blowhole.

I made Stanley an Aloha shirt and he bought a puka shell necklace to match.

We went to the commessary where the baggers carry your groceries to the car. This guy got a big tip.

Flat Stanley learns about Poke.

We went in my hubby's submarine USS Honolulu. This is a photo taken in the ward room with a couple of the JO's. My husband is on the left of the photo.

Stanley went thru a re-lamination procedure at the local UPS store and got a big Shaka from from the UPS guy.

I got Josh’s Flat Stanley added to the official site. If you go to www.flatstanley.com and scroll to USS Honolulu you will find him.

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