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Monday, February 20, 2006

Henry Underway

These are excerpts from emails to and about Henry during his short underways...

Hi – (to the in-laws)

Just writing to let you all know Henry was able to call from the boat the other night. He actually called twice, but the first call was:

Hello hello?

Henry? Hello?

Hello hello?

The second call was much clearer. Things seem to be going well on the boat. He was in good and said they got some things done that they needed to do. That’s good because that means they weren’t spending time fixing broken stuff, they actually made some progress.

Mike waits for Henry by the window each night.

Hi – (to Henry)

Went to the dog beach at Hickman today. The tide was low so we waded out past the banyan trees. I followed Mike all over the area. I wore my new wading shoes and carried a net, but I didn’t catch anything. Mike swam a little bit when the water got deep. We were there like 2 hours or more. Mike was heading back to the car when another dog showed up, so he took off thru the water back to the sand bar to play.

I had to pee so I backed into a banyan tree and squatted and peed in the water. Are you embarrassed? You married a gross girl.

Hi – (to Henry)

I broke down and ordered Papa Johns yesterday. This morning, I heard noise in the kitchen and when I went to check it out, Mike was carrying the garlic butter cup to his bed to open and drink. I am anticipating a greasy poop later today. Yippy!!!

I am off to recycle now. See you soon.

Hi - Mike is doing well. He found a Papa Johns box (that I stupidly set on the floor next to the trash can) and drank the cup of garlic butter, but he seems to have survived the fake butter influx.

(Sometimes I forget what I already wrote...)

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