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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Denver Fabrics: A reason to move back to Colorado

Often, as I have searched online for various fab rics, I have come across Denver Fabrics in my searches. This week, my future SIL needed to go look at wedding dress fabric. She asked if I wanted to tag along. To look at fabric. Like, duh. Of course. Since we were in Colorado, I was hope, hope, hoping that we would be going to the famous Denver Fabrics. Sure enough, we did.
It is huge. Not as big as G-street in Maryland, but really really big. And they had sales. Lots and lots of sale tables. Needless to say, I got a little distracted. I found colorful elastic to make bands for my bentos. I found 3 future skirts. I found suit fabric for the baby, or maybe another skirt, or cute stuffed animals. I found the $1 a pound table where they had all sorts of ugly fabrics with a few hidden gems.
I was generally a good girl, but it is a good thing we don't live near there.

My favorite of the bridal shopping pics I took. MOTB,
the Seamstress and outrageously expensive beaded lace.

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