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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The rug search that ended in a truncated alphabet

Neighbor Friend e'd me a couple of days ago because she found something I was looking for. I wanted to get Henry the Fifth a city street rug for him to play with all of his cars and trucks. Neighbor Friend found them at Home Emporium for $15. Awesome. So I went...And also got this excellent bamboo bowl I have been searching for.
I wanted something to keep all of my root veggies in- big enough to hold lots of veggies, attractive enough to have on the counter. I got it for $5 - woohoo!

I also found a couple mushroom birdhouse ornaments and an alphabet pillow for the baby's toy bench - the funny part is that the embroidered alphabet goes from A to U because they ran out of room. I might add the rest of the alphabet to the back lest my son show up to kindergarten missing the end of the alphabet.
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Henry said...

Can we see the pillow? And when will your lazy husband put the toy chest back together?