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Friday, November 21, 2008

Germy toys are more fun than the expensive ones

Now that Henry the Fifth is running around the house, he has discovered lots of new toys.
He is a big fan of flushing the toilet and pulling TP off of the roll. We have been keeping the door closed, but he barges in if one of us is on the pot.

His other favorite in the bathroom is our tub. He can just reach one of the faucet handles and has been turning on the water for a few weeks now. His new trick is to open our drawers, take stuff out, throw it into the bathtub and turn on the water. Can't find my deoderant? Check the tub. Can't find my brush? Check the tub.

Recently, he noticed that the diaper champ has a handle. And as we all know, handles are for moving. Plus, there is a big hole. And as we all know, holes are for sticking your face in and hollering.

Today, he was kicking around his O-Ball like a pro soccer player, but then things got quiet. I went into his room and here is what I found...

Apparently, while he was acting all snuggly with me earlier, he was actually swiping my credit card off of my desk.

The truncated alphabet pillow.

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