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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kindermusik: Goal # 29 completed

Yesterday Henry and I started Kindermusik Zoom Buggy. I had heard of it thru a neighbor, but the price was high. Then, another neighbor I met in the La Leche group, mentioned she was going to the class at the YMCA. I needed that little kick in the pants. Taking Henry the Fifth to the Y for class is great because, theoretically, I could work out before or afterward.
Henry the Fifth was true to form in his first class. He is a regular social butterfly, ditching me and hanging with the other kids during the free parts of the class. Fortunately, he had fun during the singing and dancing parts too, so being with mommy isn't totally lame... yet.
The cutest part was when the teacher read a book to the class. The toddlers all went and sat in front of her to listen. So, Henry got off of my lap, crawled over, and sat with the other kids big boy style. He watched and listened to the teacher the whole time she read the book. (The book was short. He's a genius, but it's not like he sat thru Moby Dick or something.) We get a book for the class so we can continue the fun at home.
I am just glad Henry 'played nice' on his first big social setting.

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